David C. (Angie’s List)

All went well. She showed up on time, spent three hours straight with our dog, did great work.
Gina is creative person with a good brain and good people skills.  My dog loves her, my family and I love how it all turned out.
Gina made some good money for her skills. Everybody’s happy.

I am “Mr. Research” on most things, including finding a dog groomer.
I looked all over the Web to find a groomer that would likely do a good job on my wheaten terrier.
Wheatens are not real common here in Louisville and I wanted to use one who had experience.
The folks at the pet stores either hadn’t groomed more than one, or offered a doggie version of Super Cuts or Fantastic Sam’s; we’ll use clippers to make the body the same length, get the hair out of her eyes…. (I don’t mean to offend if you go there…).
I took her to her to a different groomer, also highly rated on Angieslist, who said they were experienced with wheatens, and was not happy.
As a result of not having good results with the previous groomer, I was looking for someone who would be more likely to do a good job. Since she had been a dog grooming judge, per her online bio, I figured Gina was worth a try.
Gina came out today and did a ton of work on my dog.  I had delayed getting her groomed for too long while I searched for the right groomer, which led to excessive matting, nails too long, and super long hairs in her ears. Yes, I am a bad man for letting this get out of hand.
Nevertheless, Gina was kind to me and my dog.  She did a TON of work. The dog looks a whole lot better. She gave use some advice on various topics before leaving, including how to train our dog to get used to standing on a grooming table. She will call us back in about 4 weeks to see how our dog’s coat is filling back in and make a decision about the next grooming appointment.


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